Professional Development Programmes for English Teachers 2010 - 2011

In the afternoon of 1st November, 2010 (Monday), Ms E Fung from the School-based Curriculum Development (Secondary) Section came to our school and shared the learning and teaching of English language to cater for learner diversity. Two guests were also being invited to share their experience. They were Ms Ruby Poon, Vice Principal of YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School (元朗公立中學校友會鄧兆棠中學) and Mr Franky Poon, Vice Principal of HKRSS Tai Po Secondary School (香港紅卍字會大埔卍慈中學). The participants of the sharing from our school included all the S1 teachers (Ms A Leung and Ms K Wong), Ms YY Lee, Ms C Cheng, Mr W Wai and our Vice-Principal, Mr PN Tse.
In the afternoon of 13th December, 2010 (Monday), two Curriculum Development Officers, Ms K Chung and Ms E Wong, from the English Language Education Section of the Curriculum Development Institute of Education Bureau (EDB) came to our school and shared the learning and teaching of NSS English language with our senior form English teachers. The participants of the sharing from our school included Mr W Wai, Ms WY Wong, Ms A Chow, Ms L Chan and Ms S Wong. All the teachers and officers shared the ideas in applying new curriculum and electives with reference to the experience of teaching our S4 and S5 students.
A Lesson observation session was held in our S5E class and observed by the officers of CDI of EDB. Guests observed the lesson on “Popular Culture” from the 7th to 8th lesson on 13th December, 2010 (Monday). The objectives of the observation were to enhance the communication within schools and to collect feedback on how the curriculum in the English Language Education Key Learning Area is implemented at school and at classroom levels by the English Language Education Section of the Curriculum Development Institute. This practice has been started since the 2006/07 school year and the officers from CDI started to make visits to schools. The information obtained from these visits enables us to make informed decisions about how EDB can better support teachers and students in implementing the three-year senior secondary curriculum. The visits also provided valuable opportunities for us to gather examples of good practice in language learning and teaching for future dissemination. After the lesson observation, there was a thorough discussion concerning language learning, teaching and curriculum development with the English panel chairperson and other panel members. Special thanks for the help by Ms WY Wong and her class (S5E).
In the morning of 24th February, 2011 (Wednesday), the Education Consultant, Ms K Pun, from Nebula Group Ltd. came to our school and observed the lesson taught by Ms E Ferrary (the tutor from Nebula Group Ltd.) in class S6B. Ms Pun shared the learning and teaching with Mr W Wai, our English panel chairperson and other English teachers. The teachers and consultant shared the ideas in teaching English speaking and writing with reference to the performance of our S2, S3 and S6 students.
Four English teachers: Ms A Chow, Ms A Leung, Ms S Wong and Mr B Tse were nominated to join the sharing session which was held on Wednesday, 17th June, 2011, to share the invaluable experiences gained in the exchange programme named “Pilot Scheme on “Hong Kong Teachers’ Exchange Activities to the Mainland” 2010/11 by a group of teachers from different partner schools which collaborated with the Education Bureau. The session allowed English teachers have the opportunity to disseminate the good practices identified in comparing the English learning activities and contexts in the Mainland and Hong Kong,