Professional Development Programmes for English Teachers 2014 - 2015

To further develop teachers’ understanding of the concepts behind “Self-directed Learning” in Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School, Mr PL Lau, the Principal of NWCSS, led all the teaching staff on a visit to two secondary schools in Guang Zhou on 25th and 26th September 2014 (Thursday and Friday). The panel members of English Department joined the visit and got the opportunity to observe the English lessons in both schools namely 廣州思源學校 and 廣州海珠區景泰中學.
All the English panel members from NWCSS had the opportunity to share with the students from廣州思源學校 during their visit on 25th October 2014 about the learning attitude of the local students and the learning environment in Guang Zhou.
During the visit to 廣州思源學校, the panel members of the English Department had the opportunity to share with the English teachers from that school the curriculum, daily routine work and students’ performance within the two territories.
During the visit to廣州海珠區景泰中學, Ms J Lessiter, Ms WY Wong and Mr W Wai (the English Panel Chairperson) from English Department demonstrated ONE English lesson for the students in that school. Both the English teachers and students enjoyed the teaching approach by the English teachers from Hong Kong. The topic of our lesson taught in 廣州海珠區景泰中學 was “The Missing Umbrellas”.
After the demonstration of the English lesson by Ms J Lessiter, Ms WY Wong and Mr W Wai, the Principal from 廣州海珠區景泰中學 presented souvenirs to all the contributors to celebrate the success of the English lesson and to further cooperation between the two schools in the future.
This was a wonderful experience for both the English teachers from NWCSS and the students of 廣州海珠區景泰中學. Everyone enjoyed the demonstration of English lesson delivered by Ms J Lessiter, Ms WY Wong and Mr W Wai.
To learn the topic of “Language Across Curriculum”, FIVE English teachers from the English Department of NWCSS participated in the seminar by English Language Education Committee of HKCDSC from 2:30 to 4:30 pm on 12th December 2014 (Friday). The guest speaker was Ms Rosanna Chong, the Chief Curriculum Development Officer (English) of the Education Bureau. The venue of the seminar was in Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School.