Professional Development Programmes for English Teachers 2021 - 2022

The English Department was delighted to have Mr R Cowler (Regional NET Coordinator) come to pay us a visit in the afternoon on 10th September. Mr Cowler met Mr W Wai (the Vice-Principal) and Mr R Dallas (NET), and shared with them the deployment plan of our new NET and also discussed the teaching and learning of English environment around the campus of NWCSS.
NWCSS was successfully applied for the EDB School-based Support Services in September 2021. The primary aim of the application is to enhance student learning by interweaving continuous teacher professional development, school-based curriculum development and school development. In order to develop S1 school-based English curricula with a view to catering for student learning needs and enhancing the professional knowledge and capabilities of participating teachers, the representative from School-based Curriculum Development (Secondary) Section of EDB paid a visit to the English Department on 14th September 2021, and shared with our S1 English teachers the updated teaching methodology and strategy.